Gin & Win

Gin & Win™ is a new table game based on Gin Rummy. The player and the dealer are dealt 7-card hands to form as many combinations as possible using pairs, trips, quads, and flushes of 3 or more cards. Whatever cards are left after forming these combinations are added up and scored. Whoever has the lowest score wins. The best possible score is 0 and the worst is 7. There is an optional Bonus Bet that gets paid based on the score of the player‰'s hand. The game is played with one standard 52-card deck.

Game Assets

  •  required to download game assets.

Rules of Play

  1. After making the mandatory Ante bet and optional Bonus Bet, the dealer will deal 7-cards face down to themselves, and the players. After looking at the hand, the player can either fold and forfeit their Ante or play the hand by making a Play bet equal to the Ante.

  2. After discarding their qualifying hands (pairs, trips, quads and flushes of 3 or more cards), players will tuck the remaining cards under the Play bet. The dealer will then reveal his 7-card hand and follow the same procedure. Whatever cards remain are counted to determine the score.

  3. The dealer qualifies with a score of 4 and a Jack or lower. If the dealer‰Ûªs score is 4 with a Queen or higher, he does not qualify. All Ante bets will pay even money and the Play bet is a push. If the dealer qualifies, scores will be compared to the player‰Ûªs, and the lowest score wins. If the dealer qualifies and the player wins the hand, the Ante and Play bets will receive even money ‰ÛÒ unless the player wins the hand with a score of zero, in which case the play bet is paid 3-1.

  4. If the player and dealer tie score values, whoever has the lowest high-card wins the hand. If the hands still push by containing the same cards, both Ante and Play bets push.

  5. The optional Bonus bet pays based on the player‰Ûªs score. The player does not need to win the hand to win the Bonus bet.