AGS Impacts

Everyone Belongs

At AGS our focus is on facilitating an open, safe and balanced community for our employees and customers. We believe that transparency and accountability are key in growing toward a more diverse and inclusive culture. We are taking valuable initiatives toward that growth.

1. Create more diversity, transparency and governance within the organization.

2. Develop implicit bias training for all employees.

3. Diversify our talent pool in an effort to be more representative of our marketplace.

4. Increase diversity within our agency and supplier sourcing.

5. Partner with organizations that directly impact and support marginalized communities and tackle pressing social issues.


Diversity Squad

AGS has an inclusion, diversity, equity, and acceptance task force called I.D.E.A. Squad.

The role of this important group is to empower people, inside the company and in our communities, by respecting, embracing, and celebrating what makes us different. Honoring our unique differences such as age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and more, makes us able to cultivate a more empathetic, nurturing environment.


AGS annually conducts diversity training for all our employees globally focused on diversity on the job and the changing workplace. This training focuses on how to leverage the diversity that exists within an organization; defines diversity; and dispels common myths that surround the topic of diversity. It also clearly identifies the importance of diversity within the ever-changing workplace, including the impact of globalization. We hope that by offering this type of training to educate our employees about the barriers and challenges that must be overcome to create a diversified working environment.

For our employees of color identified as future leaders/rising stars, we also offer participation in Apollo and McKinsey Accelerate’s Black Leadership Academy’s Management Accelerator. This program is designed to help equip our aspiring leaders of color with the capabilities, mindsets, behaviors, and network needed to achieve their professional aspirations — focusing on building core management and leadership capabilities.


AGS actively supports youth mentorship programs in our communities, focused on empowering, encouraging, and inspiring urban youth generally living in socially disadvantaged communities. Below are some of the groups we are currently partnered with to promote mentorship.

Club Christ Mentorship Program is a nonprofit with a vision to empower urban youth to transform their communities for Christ. Through AGS’ diversity, equity, and inclusion task force (I.D.E.A. Squad), we partner with Club Christ to provide one-on-one mentorship with Club Christ’s interns, with a goal to help them help students from low-income families stay academically engaged and achieve their dreams of attending college.

The Young Executive Scholars Hospitality & Tourism Program (YES) is a rigorous summer course of applied learning, team collaboration, and a mentor-guided, case-study analysis of the global hospitality tourism industry. Each summer, under-resourced high school students discover the managerial and executive-level career opportunities available to them in the industry of their backyard, gain insight into the UNLV college experience, and develop new skills to excel in the classroom today and the workplace tomorrow. AGS annually partners with YES to provide laptops to the students, introduce them to AGS and what we do, and provide mentorship and leadership seminars.

Morehouse College This all-male historically black university based in Atlanta prepares young men to change the world through ethical leadership, driven by compassion, civility, and integrity. AGS has supported Morehouse College through mentorship and education focused on careers in the gaming industry.

AGS Women Rise

With a focus on engaging, empowering, and helping our AGS women grow professionally, our AGS Women Rise program offers education, training, networking, and professional development opportunities to our women at all levels of the organization.

Through AGS Women Rise, we participate in Global Gaming Women, an organization dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and influencing the development of women in the Gaming industry. We also support the MGM Resorts Foundation’s Women’s Leadership Conference and encourage our rising stars to attend and continue their professional leadership development.

Through the University of Nevada at Las Vegas’ International Gaming Institute, AGS supports Battle Born Girls Innovate, an educational program for middle school and high school girls. Throughout the year, our AGS executives, especially our women leaders, meet with the young women to introduce AGS, demystify success in the fields of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), and provide the teen women with a forum to engage with our women role models.

AGS Women Rise is also actively involved in the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women global movement, which is focused on ending cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in women, through education, research and advocacy, and healthy living programs.