4 Card Fever

4-Card Fever is an exciting poker game where Players compete heads-up against the Dealer. Players receive five cards and the Dealer receives six cards, turning one card face-up. The object of 4-Card Fever is to make the best four-card poker hand.

Game Play Features

Game Assets

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• To begin, Players must place a wager on the ANTE and they can make an optional PLAYER BONUS side wager for any amount within table limits.

• Working from left to right, the Dealer gives each Player five cards face-down. The Dealer will also deal themselves six cards, (five cards FACE-DOWN) & (one card FACE-UP).

• After the Players examine their cards, they will have the option to make a PLAY wager 1x to 3x their ANTE; or forfeit their ANTE wager by folding. If the Player decides to fold, the Dealer will lock up the Players ANTE wager and placed the cards face down under the PLAYER BONUS side wager that will remain in action.

• Player’s will only use their best four cards out of five cards. Once all Player’s set their hands and placed their PLAY wager, the Dealer will turn over their cards, announcing the Dealers best 4-Card Fever hand out of their six cards. The Dealers two unused cards will not be used and set off to the side from their other 4-Cards; the Dealer hand always qualifies.

• The Dealer will reconcile the Player’s hands starting from right to left in rotation. The Dealer should reconcile the PLAY wager first, followed by the ANTE, and lastly the PLAYER BONUS wager unless house pay/take/push procedures dictate otherwise.

• If the Player ties or beats the Dealer’s hand, then the ANTE and PLAY wagers will both win and pay 1 to 1. If the Player’s hand loses to the Dealer’s hand, then the ANTE and PLAY wagers are lost. The order of hand ranks is as follows from Highest to Lowest: Four of a Kind (Highest Hand), Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Flush, Straight, Two Pair, Pair, High Card (Lowest Hand).

• Players may receive an ANTE BONUS pay if they have not folded and their best four-card hand is a Three of a Kind, Straight Flush or Four of a Kind, regardless of the Dealer’s hand. Players will not regain their ANTE wager if they win an ANTE BONUS payout, the ANTE and PLAY wagers are only returned to the Player if they tie or beat the Dealer’s hand. See posted paytable.

• The PLAYER BONUS side wager will be paid according to a paytable based on the rank of the player’s best four-card hand. Players will still be eligible for the PLAYER BONUS side wager even if they fold their ANTE wager. The available paytables for the PLAYER BONUS side wager are also posted at the table.