Bonus Spin Blackjack

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An exciting Blackjack bonus bet allowing players an opportunity to win an incremental progressive jackpot of various cash prizes. By placing a Bonus Spin progressive side bet, players have two ways they can win: 1) If they have an Ace in their first two cards, they are paid even money; or 2) if they are dealt a Blackjack, they will press a button that spins a virtual wheel in order to win various money denominations, including a top prize progressive.

Game Assets

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Rules of Play

  1. Make a regular Blackjack wager.
  2. Make the optional fixed Bonus Spin progressive side bet.
  3. Players who receive an Ace in their first two cards are paid even money.
  4. Players who are dealt a Blackjack will press an automated button that spins a virtual wheel to win various money denominations or a progressive top prize.
  5. All Bonus Spin progressive side bets lose if players do not have an Ace or Blackjack in their first two cards.