Drive excitement, player engagement, and incremental revenue with Bonus Spin Xtreme, an award-winning progressive side bet system. With its groundbreaking proprietary technology, Bonus Spin Xtreme enables casino operators to link all table games on the casino floor to the same jackpot pool, requiring only one seed amount and providing faster-incrementing and larger jackpot awards.


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Bonus Spin Xtreme is the perfect solution for community-style table games. The unique wheel design allows for one progressive jackpot winner on community games such as roulette, baccarat, craps, sic bo, and poker games. Three jackpot levels, including AGS’ signature Must-Hit-By progressive, fire up player engagement. Anticipation builds as the jackpot gets closer to hitting!

•Using AGS proprietary technology, Bonus Spin Xtreme can link all table games within the casino, providing faster-incrementing and larger progressive jackpots.

•Solves the challenge of how to offer a single jackpot winner on community-style table games.

•When the wheel spins, all participating players at the table win a prize.

•The multi-level jackpot features AGS’ popular must-hit-by progressive jackpot.

•Enables optional casino-configurable non-cash prizes like cars, boats, poker tournament entries, hotel stays, spa packages, concert tickets, etc.

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