Cali Lowball

Cali LowBall is a poker variant where player and dealer compete to get the lowest 5-card poker hand. Straights and flushes do not have any value. Each player and the dealer are dealt two cards which they combine with three community cards to make their lowest possible hand. There is an optional Lowdown Bonus bet that gets paid for hands of J-high or lower.

Game Play Features

Game Assets

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•Players must make a matching ante and X-tra Bonus bet to play (they may also make an optional Lowdown Bonus bet)

•The dealer then deals each player and himself two cards

•After seeing their first two cards, the player can either bet 3x their ante on the raise bet, or check

•The dealer reveals the 3-card-flop and players must bet 1x their ante on the raise bet or fold the hand

•The dealer reveals their two cards and players compete against the dealer to get a lower 5-card poker hand (straights and flushes do not have any value)


•If the player’s hand is lower than the dealer’s hand the ante and the raise get paid even money

• If the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s hand they lose both hands

•The X-tra Bonus bet pushes on winning hands (unless the player gets a 10-high or lower, in which case it will be paid odds according to the paytable)

•The player does not have to win the hand to get paid on the X-tra Bonus, anytime their final hand is 10-high or lower, they will be paid odds (if the player loses the hand with over a 10-high, then they lose the bet)

•The Lowdown Bonus bet will pay odds if the dealer gets a J-High or lower (this bet wins whether or not the player wins the hand)

•If the dealer has a pair of Jacks or higher, then the ante pushes (all other action is resolved as described above)

•Players win all ties