Dai Bacc

Dai Bacc is a new commission-free Baccarat game with three exciting side bets: the Tiger 7 Bonus bet, the Ox 6 Bonus Bet, and the Kill Bet.

Game Play Features

Game Assets

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•Player will bet on either Player or Banker

*Regardless of whether a player placed a wager on the Player line or the Banker line, that player may place a wager on any or all Bonus Bets

•Once all wagers are placed, the house dealer deals (face down) one card to the right and one card to the left, one by one in rotation, until each hand has a total of two cards each

•The hand is then completed following standard Baccarat drawing rules for Player and Banker

•After the Baccarat hand is finished, each bet is resolved

•Winning Player or Banker bets are paid even money

•No commission is taken on winning Banker bets and if the Banker wins with a three-card draw to 7 then all Banker bets push


•Tiger 7 Bonus Bet pays 40 to 1 when the Banker wins with a three-card 7

•Ox 6 Bonus Bet pays 40 to 1 when the Player wins with a three-card 6

•The Kill bet wins 30 to 1 in two different scenarios:
1. When the Tiger Bonus bet loses with a three-card Banker 7
2. When the Ox Bonus bet loses with a three-card Player 6

•All side bets lose in a tie except the Kill bet which wins in the following scenarios:
1. Both Player and Banker hands tie with three-card totals of 6 or 7
2. The Player’s three-card 6 ties the Banker’s two-card 6
3. The Player’s two-card 7 ties the Banker’s three-card 7