Dragon Dai Bacc

Dragon Dai Bacc is an exciting commission free Baccarat game that lets players make high paying bonus bets in addition to Player hand, Banker hand, and Tie bets.

Game Play Features

Game Assets

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•Player will bet on either Player or Banker

*Regardless of whether a player placed a wager on the Player line or the Banker line, that player may place a wager on any or all Bonus Bets

•Dealer will deal Player and Banker hands and hit according to traditional Baccarat rules

•Whichever hand ends up being closer to 9 following Baccarat counting rules wins, and the bet is paid even money

•When the Banker wins with a 3-card 7, the Banker bet pushes


Player: Wins 1-1 when the Player hand beats the Banker hand

Banker: Wins 1-1 when the Banker hand beats the Player hand with any hand other than a 3-card 7

Tie: Wins 8-1 when the Player and Banker hands tie

Tiger 7: Wins 40-1 when the Banker hand wins with a 3-card total of 7

Ox 8: Wins 25-1 when the Player hand wins with a 3-card total of 8

Rabbit 9: Wins 10-1 if the Player or Banker has a 3-card total of 9 and pays 75-1 if both of them do

Matching 7s: Pays 200-1 if both Player and Banker 3-card hands have a total of 7 and 50-1 if both hands are composed of 2-cards

All 4: Pays 6-1 if any of the four bets above win