Already a legend in its own right, ICON® is lighting up the industry in ways never before seen. Sleek, stylish, and ultra-modern.  One look at ICON® and it’s clear a revolution has begun. ICON’s® stylized approach to modern gaming is presented in every inch of its striking frame and unique features. Cloaked in a champagne finish, ICON® features two flush-mounted 23” hi-def LCDs for a virtually seamless aesthetic. A recessed player interface adds to the sleek exterior, while ambient light from above draws players in like a magnet.

Game Assets

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What sets ICON® apart from the rest?

  • Cutting-edge design that goes beyond function and performance
  • Seamless integration of light and sound for a truly immersive player experience
  • Stunning visual effects enhance AGS’ suite of customized premium game content and play mechanics
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and ease of play
    • Angle, size, and shape of the ICON® cabinet, monitors, and player interface were designed for player intimacy and comfort
    • Refined and streamlined button deck creates a smooth interface and is ergonomically correct for all players
  • Optimal height for prime sight lines within the casino

Lights & Action

This revolutionary new cabinet elevates the player experience to a new echelon
by stimulating every sensory element.  A focal point of the gaming experience,
ICON’s® dynamic lighting sets the stage before players even sit down. Subtle yet impossible to ignore, the dynamic lighting surrounding the cabinet and throughout
the refined button deck energizes the playing experience beyond just the game content.

Are you ready to bask in the glow?


  • Two subtle light panels surround the LCD monitors and react to on-screen events, enhancing game features, building anticipation, celebrating big wins, and highlighting bonus events
  • Halo effect on the buttons attracts players with vibrant lighting patterns which subtly transform and illuminate during big game events
  • Custom candlestick
    • 360 degree viewing for operator interface
    • Unique, custom design
    • 4 level LED programmable
      • Single level, dual level, 3 & 4 way

Sounds of Success

ICON® comes alive with an integrated digital sound system. Featuring enhanced clarity, players are completely immersed in the experience thanks to two speakers surrounding the face of the cabinet.  Each speaker is strategically placed to blend visual motion with sound placement.

Cutting Edge Sound:

  • ICON’s® truly immersive audio experience, which eliminates the necessity for a bulky, stationary audio game chair
  • More efficient sound and integrated spatial effects
  • Two speakers surrounding the face of the cabinet and a subwoofer located below the button deck means sound is more efficiently directed at the player, thus reducing ambient noise 
  • Sound image corresponds seamlessly with visual image

Maintaining an Image

Easy to maintain yet hard to ignore.  Beyond its stylish design and enhanced features,
ICON® has risen to fame quickly due to its exceptional reliability and serviceability.
Part of ICON’s® star power is how simple it is to maintain. ICON’s® interior layout was
designed specifically to facilitate ease of access.  Unique torque hinges on the belly door increase safety and add to overall longevity and reliability.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Modular design with self-contained logic, power, and lighting modules
  • Unique cooling system keeps the inside of the cabinet cool and clean for increased system reliability
  • Service lights illuminate inside of cabinet for ease of maintenance
  • All maintenance can be done with only a Phillips screw driver and a #6 and #8 nut driver