Jack-A-Tack is an exciting Blackjack side bet the offers players the opportunity to turn any 2-card 20 into a BONUS payout when their first two cards are Jacks, One-Eyed Jacks, or any total of 20! Players win odds every time their first two cards total 20. If a player’s two-card 20 consists of any two Jacks, the odds multiple based on whether the two Jacks are non-suited, suited, or One-Eyed Jacks. If the first two cards dealt to the player are One-Eyed Jacks, the player has the opportunity to win the top jackpot award if the first two cards dealt to the dealer are also One-Eyed Jacks. Top jackpot award can be configured to pay anywhere from 300 to 1 up to 10,000 to 1.

Game Assets

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Rules of Play

Jack-A-Tack is played with any Blackjack configuration of 1-8 decks.

  1. Make a standard Blackjack wager and the optional Jack-A-Tack wager.
  2. The dealer will deal Blackjack according to house procedures.
  3. After the first two cards are dealt to the player, the dealer will settle all Jack-A-Tack wagers according to the posted pay table.
  4. If the player is dealt two One-Eyed Jacks, the Jack-A-Tack wager cannot be settled until the dealer’s hole card is revealed, exposing both cards to check for One-Eyed Jacks and a potential top jackpot award.
  5. If players do not have a total of 20 with their first two cards, the Jack-A-Tack wager loses.
  6. Winning hands will be paid according to the following pay table:
Hand Pays
Any 20 5 to 1
Any Two Jacks 10 to 1
Two Suited Jacks 25 to 1
Any Two One-Eyed Jacks 50 to 1
Suited One-Eyed Jacks 100 to 1
Two One-Eyed Jacks vs. Dealer’s Two One-Eyed Jacks 1000 to 1
Four Matching One-Eyed Jacks 5000 to 1