Orion Curve

AGS’ signature Orion Curve℠ is a striking platform with hundreds of game-stimulated, color changing LED lights which react with spins, play and sounds. A customized audio system adds to the premium theatrical experience. Our arsenal of award winning content compliments this dependable, exciting machine. We keep players in the seat by offering USB access for phone and tablet charging.

Game Play Features

Game Assets

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AGS introduces the Orion Curve℠ which features an LCD Ultra HD curved portrait monitor for a more immersive game-play experience.

The 49-inch curved touchscreen portrait monitor features 4K resolution for cinematic slot entertainment highlighted by spectacular color, breathtaking contrast, and incredible detail.

A 21.5-inch game-synchronized, high-definition LCD slot topper with LED lighting adds excitement and celebrates wins and game-play action. The large, comfortably placed 10.1 multi-touch LCD button deck is the perfect player interface, built with Gorilla Glass for superior damage resistance
and the upmost durability. The button deck and its dual bash buttons are surrounded by high-bright lights to enhance the game-play experience.

AGS’ signature Orion℠ U-shaped lighting design showcases this striking platform with more than 400 game-controlled LED lights that change color based on game events, music, and sounds. A premium, custom-designed audio system adds to the theatrical game-play experience. An integrated external USB charging port enables players to charge phones or tablets while they play.