Orion Rise

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Introducing the Orion Rise, our tallest and most stunning cabinet, offering over eight feet of gaming excitement in a dual-screen video slot.

Game Assets

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A dramatic, 55-inch High-Definition 4K LCD portrait top monitor showcases jackpots, bonus events, and wheel excitement. The lower 24-inch High-Definition LCD touchscreen monitor highlights game-play action, pick features, and reel spins.

The ergonomic 10.1 LCD button deck is the perfect player interface, built with Gorilla Glass for superior damage resistance and durability. The low-profile button deck and its dual bash buttons are surrounded by high-bright lights to enhance the game-play experience.

AGS’ signature U-shaped lighting design showcases this stunning platform with 420 game-controlled LED lights that change color based on in-game events. A custom-designed premium audio system adds to the cinematic game-play experience.

Eight-foot-tall Ultra HD LED spacer signage adds attraction to linear banks of Orion Rise games, showcasing high-impact motion graphics designed to complement the game theme. The result: a stunning cohesive game package design to add high levels of player engagement.

Built for comfort, the Orion Rise features a low-profile customer player interface and wider footwell for more leg room. An integrated USB charging port enables players to charge their phones or tablets while they play.