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A new gaming universe awaits. Inspired by the cosmos and destined for your casino floor, Orion℠ takes premium cabinet design to a new universe of performance, flexibility, and style. From its 42″ LCD HD portrait monitor to the striking 498 game-controlled, full-color LED lights that encircle it, Orion℠ is the first premium cabinet designed completely by AGS. It’s impossible to miss and won’t be ignored!

Game Assets

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Stellar Performance and Variety

Fueled by an impressive mix of premium game content, Orion℠ offers a collection of both low and high-volatility games, multi-linked progressives, and incredible bonus features. PowerXStream pay evaluations, jackpot pick bonuses, volatility pickers, and scatter-initiated free spins color the games with player-favorite mechanics to ensure performance goes beyond expectations. Highlights from its game library include:

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Incredible Flexibility, Servicing, and Player Comfort

Create a constellation of awe-inspiring excitement with one, two, three or more units in both Class II and Class III formats*. Powered by Atlas, the same operating platform that runs our state-of-the-art Icon cabinet, Orion’s℠ self-contained logic and use of a common platform eliminate the need for multiple servers. Black glass on the button deck draws players in, and its ergonomic features and large, easy-to-use player interface keep players comfortable for longer. Options for a sleek, LCD button deck also allow for incredibly flexible bet configurations to match each operator’s unique needs. Stealth engineering with an upper and lower door, readily-accessible switches, and internal lighting, make Orion℠ exceptionally easy to service.

  • Multiple Configurations
  • Powered by a Common Platform
  • Available in Class II & Class III
  • Dynamic Button Decks
  • Large, Easy-to-Use Player Interface
  • Exceptionally Easy Servicing

Immersive Style and Sounds

A striking ring of 498 game-controlled, full-color LED lights surround Orion’s 42″ HD LCD touchscreen monitor, immersing players in excitement that appears to float off the floor. These emotive lights are capable of changing colors and patterns on each machine or across entire banks for a mesmerizing experience that corresponds to each feature within the game. The latest HD audio along with a self-contained subwoofer amplify game play and further entice the senses!

  • 42″ LCD HD Portrait Monitor
  • Emotive One-Of-A-Kind Lighting
  • 498 Game-Controlled LED Lights Correspond with Game Play
  • Riveting HD Audio Package
  • Cabinet-Contained Subwoofer

*Subject to availability.