Straight to the Flush

Straight to the Flush is an exciting new game where the player competes against the dealer for the longest Flush or Straight. If the player and dealer have the same length hand, wins are determined according to the following hand rankings: Straight Flush, Flush, and Straight. Subsequent ties will be resolved based on the higher valued straight of flush in the hand.

Game Assets

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Players must make the Straight to the Flush wager. Players may also make the optional wagers on Flush Bonus, Straight Bonus, and Straight to the Wheel Bonus Spin. Each player and the dealer will receive 7 cards face down, and will determine their longest Flush or Straight. The dealer qualifies with a 3-card straight or better.

The mandatory Straight to the Flush wager pays when the dealer qualifies, and the player’s hand beats the dealer’s. See posted pays for all odds. If the dealer and player receive the same-valued hand, the wager is a push.

The optional Flush Bonus side bet pays when the player receives at least 4 suited cards. The longer the flush, the more you win!

The optional Straight Flush Bonus side bet pays when the player receives a 3-card straight flush or higher. The longer the straight flush, the more you win!

Straight to the Wheel is an optional Bonus Spin wager, offering players the chance to spin the wheel when they receive at least a 5-card straight. The longer the straight, the bigger the prize. A 6-card straight pays 3x the wheel amount and a 7-card straight pays 10x the wheel amount!